What is the Office of Student Enrichment?  

Born from the heart of the University's mission, to care for the whole person, the Office of Student Enrichment is designed to ensure all students have the opportunity to flourish at Notre Dame. The Office of Student Enrichment is a place that offers programming and potential resources for members of the Notre Dame community who identify with the first-generation college and/or low-income student experience. By providing students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to have conversations about the unique circumstances these students face, the Office of Student Enrichment helps our first-generation college and low-income communities to flourish at the University. We strive to serve all students including international, undocumented and DACA, transfer, and other non-traditional background students.



To enrich the student experience of limited resource Notre Dame students through informing, including, and investing in developmental programming and financial access.


To promote an environment of economic inclusivity that empowers students to thrive within the Notre Dame community.

Our Motto: Inform. Include. Invest


Make sure the entire Notre Dame Community understands the issues and challenges our high-achieving/under-resourced students face as they attend Notre Dame.



Invite all students to join our programs, lectures, and discussions and assist as many students as possible to feel welcome and to make Notre Dame their home.


Provide benefits to students who qualify financially to allow them to have their own Notre Dame experience and to become the well-rounded Notre Dame alumni we invited them here to become.