Dream ND Community

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At the University of Notre Dame, we are committed to assembling a community of talented individuals regardless of their backgrounds, financial circumstances, or national origins. 

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion arises from our aspirations to form the community we want to be, the educational environment we hope to provide our students, and the moral character they will develop during their time with us.

In this context, the University of Notre Dame will continue to support undocumented immigrants and DACA students, seek to maintain their enrollment, and assist them financially.

Administrative Support

Andrew Hertzberg

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Office of Student Enrichment

The Office of Student Enrichment offers both programming and financial support for undocumented and DACA students at Notre Dame. 

Andrew Hertzberg
Office of Student Enrichment Program Coordinator
204 LaFortune Student Center

Circle Headshot Mary Nucciarone


Mary Nucciarone

The Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid, under the direction of Mary Nucciarone, works individually with undocumented/DACA students on financial aid packages, student employment, and student health insurance.  

Mary Nucciarone
Director of Financial Aid
115 Main Building


Barbara Szweda

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Immigration Attorney

I am looking forward to working with students who have questions regarding their immigration status or their families’ status in the United States, and renewing their documents.  Together we can look as other options that might be available and work through any necessary paperwork.   

By way of introduction, I have been practicing immigration law for almost 30 years.  I taught immigration law at the Notre Dame Law School and ran a clinic for immigrants in the South Bend area for almost 15 years.  When I first got out of law school, I worked for a downtown law firm in Los Angeles, representing movie stars and sports teams.  It was exciting but not satisfying. It wasn’t until I came to Notre Dame that I really found my calling; working with students and immigrants to change lives.