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Resource Guide for Notre Dame Departments, Faculty and Staff 

Article: Building Undocumented Student Support in Higher Ed Through a Culturally-Responsive Lens (Wangensteen, 2017) 

Glossary of Terms

Directory of Student Programs and Opportunities

As part of ongoing efforts to increase DreamND resources at the University of Notre Dame, we would like to provide the Dream ND community of students a directory of student programs and opportunities. The directory can be found here.

In an effort to create equitable access to scholarly engagement and funding opportunities for all of our students, we encourage each department and campus unit to review how their student programs and opportunities may or may not be inclusive to students with undocumented, DACA, and TPS status. The graph below provides some possible solutions to current barriers within student programming and funding opportunities. This is not an end-all list, and we encourage you to help create meaningful and inclusive changes and alternative options in your department for our students. 

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We would love to hear from you and share information about your programs and funding opportunities with the undocumented student community. 

Things to Consider


With valid work permit


No SSN, No work permit

Possible Solutions

Not end-all list

Travel - Abroad



Create equitable domestic options for research, travel abroad, etc. 

Travel - Domestic 

Can travel by plane with updated state ID that conforms with the REAL ID Act

Travel by plane not recommended Consult legal advice for risks

Offer multiple transportation options, check access to buildings ahead of time, connect with immigration attorney to assess travel risks

Program costs and other fees

Not eligible for federal funds, Can work to save, access to some private loans

Not eligible for grants or loans that require SSN, cannot access employment

Waive costs, Find additional funding options, Create inclusive fellowships, Find private donations, Consult with Office of Student Enrichment

Background checks


Use ITIN or 000-00-000 

Check into this first for students

Internships, Research, Professional exams, accreditations and licensing

Can fill out I-9 employment form, May not be eligible for some federally funded projects

Should NOT fill out I-9 form, May not be eligible for some federally funded projects

Proactively inform students about eligibility issues; create alternative options such as earning academic credits vs. pay, service work, unpaid internships, job shadowing

Application questions 

No visa, internally coded as international student at Notre Dame

No visa, internally coded as international student at Notre Dame

Omit asking immigration status/SSN or add “other” category if necessary; Openly state that program is open regardless of immigration status